Cyber Bullying

by Cassandra Viola

Cyber bullying is willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of electronic devices, according to Dr. Hinduja from the Cyber Bullying Research Center. Electronic devices that are used for cyber bullying include the Internet on computers and laptop, mobile phones, gaming systems and many others. Tools that are mostly utilized by cyber bullies are instant messaging, mobile phones, chat rooms, email messages, social networking sites and blogs. Cyber bullying is becoming is becoming a growing problem in our society, especially with school-aged students. Cyber bullying involves the use of Information and communications technology (ICT) to intimidate, harass, victimize or bully an individual or a group of individuals (Bhat 2008). The bullying may include sending or posting harmful material or using digital technology to inflict social cruelty upon victims. Cyber bullying may include distribution of embarrassing information, whether true or false, about individuals, their families and/or friends; confidences intended for the sender alone; photographs taken with or without consent of the subject; video clips taken without consent or made by the victim for a select audience; and social exclusion can also be practiced on victims by cyber bullies influencing groups to “block” someone from their list of friends or contacts (Bhat 2008).