The activity of cyber bullying has scary statistics. A recent study done by the National Crime Prevention Council found that 43 percent of kids were on the receiving end of cyber bullying last year. Cyber bullying is more common among females with 52 percent stating that they have experienced some form of this harassment, while only 37 percent of men said the same. The survey also reported that cyber bullying is occurring most among high school students. According to the study, 46 percent of high school teens have experienced cyber bullying, while only 35 percent of middle school students have experienced a form of cyber bullying (Horn 2010). Another study that was done in 2008 by researchers at the University of California-Los Angeles revealed that nearly 75 percent of teenagers between ages twelve and seventeen have personally experienced cyber bullying (Auerbach 2009). These statistics are scary evidence of what is going on to the youth of American and extremes measures must be taken to put an end to this.