Cyber bullying is a major problem within our country. Especially recently, there have been many cases of bullying leading to suicide. Back in 2007, because of all the bullying, the governor of Oregon was prompted to declare a “cyber-bullying emergency.” As of 2008, nine states passed strong cyber bullying laws in order to protect children from being harassed, threatened and humiliated online. The states with laws are Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, New Jersey, Oregon, Missouri, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont (Cyber Bully Alert 2008). By these states passing laws like this, it is a representation of a crucial step towards National anti-cyber bullying laws that will help protect children of all ages all over country. However, it does become a little complicated having laws protecting cyber bullying with regards to the extent to which regulation of this abusive Internet consent is appropriate, or even possible, given the free speech protections afforded by the First Amendment (Auerbach 2009).